This is the Life, Right? A Ho-hum Performance.

I found a note today. It was on the ground in the doorway as I walked into Target Copy. I had stopped there on my way home to copy my lease. I did not have my lease on me.

Nothing scandalous is written on the note, quite boring actually. The paper is Christmas themed, titled Tuesday and underneath the heading are daily activities in butchered short-hand, one of which is crossed off.

On the bottom are cursive “L”s written over and over. On the back is a partly scribbled out cartoon face with spiked hair.

I think a woman wrote it.

It was not as intrusive as I had hoped. Maybe I should stick to — the Website blog that attracts painfully and mockingly earnest people.

In the beginning it was interesting, but the blog now seems like a mockery of itself. If you want to buy one of the many Post Secret books for your friend, though, go ahead. Don’t let this bitter fool persuade you that it all means nothing.

There were a few people I should have tried to talk to today. It is always like this. Like you have the answer to a question, but someone in the crowd interrupts you on the first syllable and you crawl back into whatever shell you ventured from.

I hope I am not too far behind … those damn ambitious students making lists. Perhaps I should be making a list of things to do for tomorrow.

Label it Wednesday.


~ by shawp on February 13, 2008.

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