A Little Bitching About A Band That Will Probably Be A Blip In The History of College Rock; This Is Hopefully An Understatement: Like Bush Saying The War In Iraq Will Be “Just A Comma” In The History Of The World

Practice with the band today was a depressing endeavor.

We moved all the equipment into the house to see what it would sound like for the party.

It was loud as expected. Maybe I will buy cheap ear plugs for the audience. Okay… I just purchased 200 sets of earplugs on Amazon for $20.

Anyways, practice: we live together, yet gathering as a group is a problem. When we do practice, it’s a struggle. The time is spent re-learning the songs, stumbling through the rhythms and trying not to fall apart.

The concrete livingroom we played in today is less-than-forgiving on our sound. Worlds away from the carpeted, egg carton covered “bandroom” we usually play in.

My vocals need work, but it’s hard to work on them when we practice so little. There is a world of difference between singing to yourself and trying to contend with an overpowering band.

I would like to move out of the realm of shitty punk band.

Yes, part of the reason for starting this band was to get less serious and just have fun. I want fun: to thrash around and sing/play whatever the hell I want, but I also want to be respectable.

I want to hold my head up after a show.

In the end, there are a lot of variables. One roommate just picked up drums a few months ago. He works during the day. I leave during most weekends of the month. Everyone, including me, is stubborn.

My roommates are not as motivated as me to spend every waking (and dreaming) minute, thinking of a new riff or lyrical line.

Bring it to action. I can be better.

One funny thing was a roommate who woke up due to our in-house practice. I was trying to be courteous, I thought everyone was out of the house.

He stumbled in with red eyes and mad scientist hair. He kicked a ball into our midst yelling, “This is not okay!”.


~ by shawp on February 26, 2008.

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