“Where do we go from here? The words are coming out all weird.” — Radiohead

I have motivation tonight. We will see how long it lasts.

I am daring to get published.

I went to some journalism meeting tonight. A few journalism semi-big-wigs there, editors and the like. There was the usual handful of suck-ups, ambitious journalism students that will blow you hard and call you ‘big papa’ if that’s what it takes to get published. Oh, and free pizza and carbonated drink.

Mostly learned how motivated people are around me, clawing and fussing and fighting.

I could only sit and think:

“You’re published two or three times a week in the Orlando Sentinel? Four internships already? Hell…”

It’s time.

I will find out for real if I want to go into journalism. I need to get published.

Decided this while biking back home. Campus was insane. I dodged a lot of cars on my brakeless, blinking bicycle.

A thought off topic: I come across many old fragments of Websites in my journey across the Internet. Some were never finished. Others have not been updated since 1998. I find this utterly fascinating.

It is as if they decay over time. Pieces fall off as the years go by, applications cease to work and funny html pieces stick out. The colors look strange or become transparent with old age. Sometimes, they only exist as a series of archived folders.

Williamhung.net becomes nothing but a single game of Gold Miner. It has been “busy making improvements” for years.

They all float around in cyberspace: those old Livejournals you forgot to delete, Photobucket.com albums full of junior high pictures, a Bolt.com membership with ancient messages from friends that are no longer friends (upon further research I see that the site went bankrupt last year).

There is an old personalized Tripod website covered in a slew of stolen Google images and “clever” flash animations, linked images and movies are “no longer available.”

Somewhere, a Neopet starves.

Next thought: Only related in nostalgia. The very bands in Gainesville that I thought had promise are the ones breaking up. Snare and a Chair and The Most are both gone. I’m sure I could think of a few others.

End of thoughts.


~ by shawp on March 5, 2008.

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