“I feel stupid and contagious. Here we are now, entertain us.” — Nirvana

I was promised a trip to New York this spring vacation. My mother was planning to lodge the two of us with her rich friend who lives on Broadway and Amsterdam.

The apartment is in the same building where the bald headed band leader on Letterman, Paul Shaffer, lives. I was excited. The plans were made well in advance, but the rich friend ditched us to go visit her vacation house in Miami.

So I moseyed around Atlanta with my mom. She spoiled me with trips to the aquarium, the mall, a game arcade, a music store and countless restaurants.

The rich friend ended up staying with us in Atlanta for a bit on a whim. It was with her that we went to the aquarium and the mall. She bought me a $50 polo shirt from whatever company has a moose head displayed in its store. She bought two $600 belts and a $4,000 purse for herself from a store that seems to be named after a Greek messenger god.

The aquarium was gigantic. One tank held four whale sharks. I felt like a small child touching the starfish and manta rays. The arcade also helped revert me back to my elementary school inner-self.

At some point, the rich friend took us to a fancy Japanese restaurant and racked the bill to over $300. Multiple orders of ginkgo nuts, yellow tail sashimi, shirako (fish sperm), fish guts, many deserts, tempura, etc. etc.

There is so much to write about; it’s probably tedious for anyone else to read. So I will stop here.


~ by shawp on March 16, 2008.

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