Forget About It

Either Friday or Monday I came to my forensics class late. For some reason there was an empty seat in the front row where I used to sit. I automatically went for it. The seat had been filled the past few weeks and it was finally mine again. I made it down to the area, but felt funny about sitting there — call it some eerie premonition. So I made a circle around the entire class and sat in the back.

That is when my instructor informed us that a student at UF had died. He was in this class.

“He sat right there,” she said pointing.

Obviously by the build up, she was pointing at the empty seat I had passed on.

I looked down at the school newspaper I had slapped down on the table. Yeah, that was him. A little grainy and with less color.

“I don’t know what else to say. Just thought I would mention it.”

She went on with class.

I definitely recognized the guy. He would ask the most inane questions during class with those glasses, that voice. And now he was gone. Strange, I didn’t know him except as the slightly annoying guy in class. I assumed he was from Fort Lauderdale or somewhere on the outskirts of Orlando. Yeah, I typecast him.

Played a lot of soccer this week. I was sick yesterday, but still played. It caught up with me today when I tried to play.

Monday evening I heard a speaker, Beate Sirota Gordon. She helped write the Japanese constitution after WWII. Wednesday evening I listened to Bob Saget talk about penises and sound like he was on crack.

Right now I am watching “16 Blocks.”

A roommate’s girlfriend is having a garage sale tomorrow morning.

And you are now caught up.


~ by shawp on March 29, 2008.

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