No, I can’t take it, but I’m gonna make it…yeah.

I forget what my last post was about and probably exactly what’s happened between now and then.

Somewhere in there I went to see Jeff Klinkenberg, a guest speaker. My instructor told us we could have extra credit for attending and writing a two page paper on his visit.

It was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed Klinkenberg. I knew so many of his stories, but did not realize he was the writer.

Here is his story about alligators and tubas.

Here is my favorite story about the frightening stickers warning you not to steal gas.

And one more story by him because three is a nice, solid number.

Klinkenberg seemed excited and fascinated with everything. He smiled a lot with no teeth. He walked awkwardly and wore a suit jacket with a T-shirt underneath.

Too bad I forgot to write the extra credit paper to turn in today. But the experience of seeing the speaker is what’s important, right?

Too bad I slept through two of three classes today.

My girlfriend was over this weekend. It is like quarantining myself off from the rest of the world for two to three days. It is a wonderful, tiring, depressing, ecstatic, enlivening feeling.

We went paddle boating in drizzle weather. It was ridiculously fun.


~ by shawp on April 8, 2008.

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