It’s late, late, late; I got a date, date , date on death row for rape, rape, rape…

I promise to be more productive tomorrow — that is, after I go to the free White Rabbits/Band Marino/Oh Fortuna show!

I’m glad Kenya is looking better.

Patrick Kennedy is on death row for rape? Sure it is a horrible thing to do, but Louisiana is a little backwards.

Did you know that two elderly women have been convicted in killing two homeless men after providing shelter and then taking out life insurance on them? What a scandal.

I laughed my ass off at a clip of Barack Obama brushing his shoulder off during a speech after the Philadelphia Democratic Debate.

I wish my life and relationships could be scripted like on “The Office.”

My “new” computer is excellent. Many thanks to my two computer nerd roommates. It was quite an evening of frankensteining parts and fitting them together like Legos. The new computer case is classy, sleek and metallic. Much better than my old clunky, plastic case. Not to mention, my computer is much speedier. I love this “Ubuntu Jew” or whatever operating system ended up on here.

I have a new dancy riff for a song.

The Roots new album is coming out very soon.

Despite all this, It is still a depressingly stressful week. The end of school causes me to eat bad food, stop exercising and eventually make myself sick; exactly what I’m not supposed to do.


~ by shawp on April 18, 2008.

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