“‘We’re all f*cked up’ was the movie’s theme. The plot was strong, but the acting was weak”

The show last night was great. My music blog embellishes on that topic.

The weekend is slipping away depressingly fast. I Need to study for school . I Want to play a show.

Watched too much television today. My roommate had the Truman show on when I came out of my room; later, I skipped to the most corny scenes in a recorded Mortal Kombat; before that I saw a semi-exciting, double (almost triple) overtime game with the Spurs verses the Suns; watched clips from the Soup; surfed YouTube — mostly for David Bowie and R. Kelly music videos; and I just finished watching an old SNL featuring Justin Timberlake.

The list might go on, but my brain is fried from the viewing.

Not everything revolved around a moving-picture screen.

I did go the the Wayward Council’s 10th anniversary carnival. Stayed there for a good hour or two talking to my roommate’s friends about old concerts, first embarrassing music collections and Michael Jackson. I saw Warren Oakes from Against Me there. Also saw some other people from other bands. I was slightly starstruck.

This hippy guy with crazy, floppy hair was playing a small guitar-like instrument in small circle there. I only mention him because I see him everywhere — parties, gatherings, school events, free vegan lunches… I have talked to him once. I do not want to make assumptions, but he is most definitely a major stoner: to the bone. I think his marrow has been replaced with Marijuana. I see him do funny things like beat out a drum pattern on a door while blowing a whistle to whatever music is playing around him.

He was playing with an accordian girl at the carnival. I have seen her before also, as part of a duo at Tim and Terrys. The other girl played banjo and … trumpet. Both girls are very indie. They wear hip, thick, oddly shaped dresses and have their hair cut into seemingly asymmetrical, symmetrical styles.

I want to befriend all of these people.


~ by shawp on April 20, 2008.

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