your update motherf*ckers

Got a D in editing class, but think it is a mistake based on incompetency and error. The two go hand-in-hand.

Need to go see the instructor, or at least call him tomorrow morning, which is frightenening — I am so easily intimidated. Not to mention grogginess that will incur. It’s so late right now and this has to be sorted out so early because…

I have a new job connecting people to prisoners and the shift begins at noon. I started the job Monday.

The place has no business sense, but can waste so much money because it makes so much money by ripping the customers off.

It is a convoluted mess of state laws, jail rules and unnecessarily complicated phone plans. Oh, I forgot badly trained personal and unhelpful managers (aka “team leaders”).

My roommate is working there as well. It pays well.

I hope they fire me for wanting ten or so days off for Japan. They claim they are strict on their policy stating “you must wait 90 days before requesting days off.” The hours are noon to 9 p.m. right now, but will soon change to some crazy 4:30 p.m. to close (close being around 2 a.m. sometimes) with working half a weekend thrown in the mix.

I don’t care about losing this job because I have an exciting, prospective job writing about music for the Avenue section of “The Alligator.” A friend became the editor and she likes my writing style from previous blogs. I think she will revamp the Avenue and I can’t wait to be a part of that process.

Went to a drag show tonight. Very local, not Vegas. Not that I have ever been to a Vegas drag show. Or any drag show before tonight. They’re frightening and entertaining.

I am Reading “The Good Earth” again. So amazing. So depressing.

Started a side project band with a friend of my roommates’. She sang an Against Me  cover with us at our house party/show in February — that is what started the spark. We finally, just got together for real. It is going splendidly. Our band name is Making Eyes and the Toy Tambourine. Long, but can easily be shortened to “Making Eyes.” Our MySpace is beautiful. We will record demos this weekend.

Recently rode the Greyhound Bus to see my girlfriend. The next weekend (this past weekend)  saw her again by hitching a ride with my brother’s roommate and long-time friend. Perused music stores, lost a phone, found the phone, etc. etc.

I bought a guitar amp that I cannot afford. A very corny looking amp, almost classy: cream with gold hardware. It is a tube halfstack and beautiful sounding: Palomino, made by Crate. I would go on…but few are as excited about it as me. It has yet to arrive in the mail. I wait in anticipation. Like ketchup.

Well, my bed calls me. Literally, it is calling me. Probably a hallucinating. I just need to sleep these voices off.

Need to write about Method Man and Redman in my music blog tomorrow.


~ by shawp on May 9, 2008.

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