I’m Heavy like Bo

My job as a customer service representative for a prison/jail collect call phone company is exhausting. Writing all that out is exhausting. I think I am done with the job. Terrible hours, terrible customers; made ten times worse by terrible supervisors and a terrible company that screws everyone. I will tell them Friday I am quitting — or at least going to Japan.

I hope my trip to Japan works out.

I hope the supposed show at the Kickstand on Thursday works out.

I hope my grades work out.

The grades thing — I think I will have to go higher than my professor. I found out where five assignments are that he gave zeros to and he has still done nothing about it.

Incessant emails? Check. Incessant phone calls? Check.

It is time to turn on the heat.

I think a story of mine will be in the Alligator Thursday. I think I can work it out to keep getting stories in the Alligator on Thursdays.


~ by shawp on May 14, 2008.

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