Happy Birthday wishes over a phone

More reminders of muscles I own.

I guess I pulled a hamstring during soccer last week — it hurt quite badly during yesterday’s game. I am getting better playing-wise, though; making goals, making assists, only kicking wide shots every once-in-awhile. People are starting to call me “the Gazelle.”. It is kind of flattering.

Listening to Mos Def, TV on the Radio, Against Me! and bootlegged Bob Dylan. It is what random shuffle deems I must listen to. And what I deem the reader must know.

I am updating this blog after multiple attempts to do something productive out in the real world. I set out today, oblivious that it was Memorial Day. I first headed to campus to discuss my grades and Bright Futures. I found it odd that Gainesville was such a deserted ghost town. Even for the summer, this was worse than usual.

But it did finally dawn on me. Everyone was off remembering fallen soldiers or BBQing. I knew this ruined my bank trip. I knew that I would not be able to turn in my housing application. The haircutting place I walked by was closed, as expected.

Miraculously, Tim and Terry’s, was open. I might go back and get a new kickdrum head. Maybe some acousitc guitar strings. Oh, the possibilities.


~ by shawp on May 26, 2008.

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