This is more mature than a LiveJournal right?

I am in Tallahassee, pining for my girlfriend to get off work. Perhaps I will call some old friends.

The Japan trip is in a mere 4 days. My birthday is in 8 days.

I made a note on Facebook informing everyone of my mailing address so that they could send birthday gifts. I thought it was funny in a fake, asshole way. Others might not know that I am joking, which is amusing in its own right.

We watched “The Hills Have Eyes” yesterday. My girlfriend said something like “this could have been set in Oklahoma just as easily without the nuclear test site excuse.”

It was frustrating to watch the characters make terrible decisions.

The movie did not know whether to go for corny or serious.

Oh crap, I forgot to pay my rent before I left Gainesville. I wonder how this is going to get done?

And … the battery on this laptop is dying as I type — so I will end here.


~ by shawp on May 28, 2008.

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