A Dull Update: I Bet You Missed This

Japan was a nice vacation from reality. My family is extremely nice. I am proud to stem off from that gene pool and especially proud to be able to show them off to my girlfriend.

Tokyo Tower, shopping and eating were the main activities. I am not sure if Japan is just a food obsessed culture, or if it is my family. I believe it is a combination of both. Every television channel is like a part-time Food Network.

I write for the school newspaper now. It is fairly prestigious (I think). I strangely find it enjoyable. I was this close to leaving the journalism program until certain things fell into place. I still wonder if it’s right for me. If my grade had not been fixed in one class, I would have definitely been gone.

Yes, I finally got my grade fixed for the most part. The old warhorse of a professor would not give me the “B” I deserved, but at least I do not have to take the class again. I guess the middle road “C” was just a jab in the ribs for all the headache I caused him this summer.

I am going back home to babysit my autistic brother very soon. He is coming to live there forever, I guess. That part of my family is a long and complicated story involving curdling orange juice in milk, turning on televisions with screw drivers and eating fish heads served my money-grubbing caretakers.

It is sad that the “year” is ending and the roommates will soon part their ways. One is off to South America to visit his heritage using money from some weird, well-known site where people sponsor individuals for loans. Another is graduating and going off to become a twitchy rich man or something. Some of the other roommates are mysteries as to where they will end up in the fall. I will be living with one roommate and his rock climbing friend on the other side of campus.

I think I need a better bicycle.


~ by shawp on June 18, 2008.

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