“I’d like to tell you about the time I swam a thousand miles below the ice-white nightcap of the lonely tundra”

I am currently listening to Snare and a Chair. Too bad they are a defunct band now. I should call the drummer and get the demo CD he vaguely promised me.

Speaking of bands — my own band is reunited! There is only two of us, so I guess reuniting is not such a big deal. Not like getting a 5,000 piece ska band together. Imagine the production in that.

I have been playing my cheap Casio keyboard a lot lately. I do not know if anything is coming out of it. The instrument has always felt foreign under my fingers. My video game, drummer roommate came into my room last night and hammered on the keys along to pre-recorded children’s songs until odd hours of the morning.

I watched “28 weeks Later” today. I did a quick review here. Maybe I will keep doing reviews for other movies I happen to watch. Who knows.

I played soccer the other day, but was still not fully recovered from my earlier sickness. It was nauseating.

Pretty much, I am using this post to track what I do with my lazy summer days. Sorry, if it gets too tedious. My roommate told me he used to try to spruce up his LiveJournal with links and relevant topics.

Here is a link: Snare and a Chair’s MySpace

And a relevant topic: There is a crazy amount of bands in Gainesville.

I recently found my other roommate’s Livejournal and old blog. It was the highlight of my internet stalking career. It made me laugh, it made me cry — I threw a chair out a window and punched a guy sitting next to me in a bar — a catharsis of sorts.

Is a journalist supposed to have a personal blog?

And the saloon doors swing shut.


~ by shawp on July 1, 2008.

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