So, a sleepless night is as good as any excuse

Plans fell through, court dates are far in the future and so I have nothing to do until my dad drives me back to Gainesville this weekend.

My stepmother is currently in a custody battle with the caretaker of my youngest, special needs brother.

I was supposed to care for him this summer. I forget if I mentioned this.

Sorry for the sparse details. It is late after all. Someday, the interesting manner in which I gained four family members in a day will be told. Until then, the above facts will have to suffice.

I move in mere weeks. It is both exciting and frightening.

Garth from “Waynes World” said it best: “we fear change.” I will miss my roommates and the luxury dorm vibe that we created together. It was truly unique. There will be no more “Worms Armageddon,” Four-square, or failed attempts at potlucks. No more marathons of stupid television shows that I hate. No more congregating in the kitchen to hate on whoever is not there at the moment. On the other hand, I am awfully sick of the broken air conditioning unit flooding the house, sleeping in a bed inches away from a ceiling fan and constantly being confronted with moldy/dirty/rotting messes that five people living in the same area manage to create.

I am excited to come back early. It may turn into my girlfriend visiting for a day and will definitely mean the reuniting of my bands.


~ by shawp on July 22, 2008.

One Response to “So, a sleepless night is as good as any excuse”

  1. Mr. York told you of the move in date being the 8th, right? That’s when he told me your move-in date was. Hope all is well otherwise.

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