I’m going to start stealing blog posts from the emails I write people

I have this compulsion to write everything on my mind: a word vomit through the tips of my fingers. I am holding this in check. This is the internet. Anyone can stumble upon my humble blog.

I am listening to “Stay High” by Three 6 Mafia. The party beat is quite the opposite of what I am feeling. It was a counteractive maneuver in response to the depression induced by Josh T. Pearson’s cover of “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry.”

I went to a “Shortbus” viewing party the other night.

Clothing was optional and some people took full advantage. The Facebook invitation warned me that clothing might be scarce, but I was still jolted by the handful of naked people I walked in on. Unfortunately, it was mostly men who chose to shed their clothing (which I think is a disservice to the general vibe of the room). The host, a hairy-legged lesbian and a girl who looked like an Aphrodite painting did balance out the room a bit. I am sorry to peg the one girl as merely “a hairy-legged lesbian” because I like her very much. It just makes it so much easier to illustrate a story if I give peripheral nicknames.

The situation made me wonder what was really natural: “Would that guy be standing like that if he had pants on? Would that girl be sitting like that if she was clothed?”

It made for awkward moments when witnessing people do simple tasks ( i.e. turning on a DVD player or crawling across a floor to see a picture on someone’s phone).

What will I be thinking when I meet these people later? Is it weird that I know their birthmarks, etc. etc. etc.?

Yes, I am purposefully over thinking things. It makes the whole night much more hilarious.

And the movie was good.

In comparison, tonight kind of sucked, but I did get to practice with my bassist from Making Eyes. We have an unofficial pact to practice every day this week until the show on Friday.

My conscience is not clear.

It’s muddy like a Delta.


~ by shawp on September 9, 2008.

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