We’ll sing on the front porch loud and proud.

I am currently watching “Teeth” with two band mates. It is much less tongue-in-cheek than I thought that it would be.

Tomorrow night Making Eyes has a show at the Wayward Council. We practiced for a bit today and I am excited about three new songs that will be showcased. The songs are “Impostor Song”, “The Cheating Song” and “Little Blue Crack Den.”

“Impostor Song” gets its name because it was originally called “Three Chords, One Truth.” The band unanimously decided to save that title for another song with three chords (and hopefully one truth). Thus, the song is an impostor.

“The Cheating Song”  was nicknamed “The Sad Song” and deals with thoughts and actions I have dealt with over the past couple of weeks. It is one of my favorite Making Eyes songs, despite how depressing and sensitive the subject matter is. My bassist wrote a killer bass line to it today.

“Little Blue Crack Den” is an ode to the my girlfriend’s house, a beautiful rundown place that I have been spending most of my time at.

The other night, I compiled all the songs that I have written since starting a shitty punk band in December. The final count was around 40 songs, give or take.

I want to have hundreds. I guess I’ll have to jump start the engine, bunker down and get to making them. It is just a matter of taking the countless lyrics that I have scribbled down and matching them with chords.

“Match maker, match maker, make me a match.”

God, this movie is disgusting.


~ by shawp on September 28, 2008.

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