Fact Finding Countdown.

My class starts in nine minutes.

I have been obsessing about school as of late. There is a trend story on Halloween costumes due Friday, which I have yet to start. I also need to take pictures for photo journalism. The assignment is that three people have to be in the photo. I feel like a prowling cat, watching for groups of three to snap.

I organized the porch at the little blue crack den. We hope to entice people to live there.

I hope to organize a benefit party for the house soon. It will be BYOL (bring your own lights — yes, I know I’m clever). The money will go to the power bill that my girlfriend has been left with — get those basic necessities of water and electricity flowing.

This is rife with spelling errors, but I will fix that later.


~ by shawp on October 21, 2008.

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