More anticipated than the last Hary Potter book: an update.

The seedy side of Miami circa 1997?

The seedy side of Miami circa 1997? This photo is ripe for a caption contest.

I guess an update is in order. Its been over a month since I last gave proof that I was alive and breathing to the cyberspace community — whatever that community may be. I would argue that I am the only one who reads this, but someone did comment that I was pathetic on a post about breaking up with my ex-girlfriend.

A lot has been going on so I will make it brief.

I left off spouting about a trip to Miami with my girlfriend. It was fun and involved the zoo (a very ghetto zoo and my favorite part of the trip) as well as meeting my girlfriend’s mother and witnessing how similar they are. I didn’t really get to see the fictional side of Miami that I know from television shows and movies (ie Miami Vice, CSI Miami, Miami Ink, Scarface). I also didn’t get to see the side of Miami that songs popularize like in Will Smith’s aptly titled “Miami” or the song with the same name by Against Me.

During Thanksgiving I went to Arkansas with my girlfriend to torture her with my side of the family. It was interesting to see how they responded to her being a vegetarian. Just about everything in the south is boiled in bacon grease.

My grandfather got frustrated and told her to go graze in the front yard at some point. Although, I think I am giving him more credit than he deserves. He did not say anything clever about grazing, but just finding something out there.

He is a very mean spirited man.

It was a great initiation for my girlfriend, driving up to Arkansas cramped with my autistic brother and three dogs.

My family is truly crazy.

It was a very stressful week. It kind of made me never want to go to Arkansas again.

School is winding down in a mentally exhausting and out of control, activity-filled flurry. I still have a ten page paper to write, which I have yet to start and is due on Monday. There is also an exam sometime next week. Not to mention my final story for magazine and feature writing, which will be about music venues in Gainesville (an overview of their stereotypes and histories).

A profile I wrote about Nova is being published in The Fine Print.

It all started because someone (I assume my instructor) sent it to INsite Magazine without my knowledge.

The INsite editor surprised me with a message a few days ago wanting me to cut the story from 1,500 words to 300-500 words and to take it out of first person.

There was no way in hell that I was going to make those demands, but it did motivate me to hustle the story to other magazines that would let me keep my vision.

Well, this post is getting long. I’ll just mention that my band recently had another successful show and that I am now at my parent’s house talking to my sister-in-law about our crazy families and her chubby son.

“I love my son, but it’s true, I have a fat son. He is chubby.”

I must mention that a big chunk of my time has been spent moving. My girlfriend’s house was condemned and her landlord offered another house down the street (a subject for a photo story I did as a final project in beginning photojournalism that I will probably post on here someday).

We are planning on moving in together. It is much cheaper and nicer than my current house. It is also right by campus, which I miss.

First, I need to sublease my old house — and quick. The situation is very stressful and is not helped at all by my wound-tight step-mother who is fairly upset about the situation. She left the dinner table in a huff last night.

I was then volun-told ( a phrase my step-brother coined)  to help decorate and build a Santa house at the local community center as payment for a friend dressing as Santa Claus for my autistic brother and nephew.

Joy to the world.


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  1. you are a fag.

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