These posts are only my memories.

This is not a photo of the two girls I mention below.

This is not a photo of the two girls I mention below.

School has started. I think it is going to be a good semester.

Some fun courses I am taking:  script writing (Hollywood, here I am come),the first US novels (Mark Twain? Washington Irving? Beautiful), magazine management (we get to create our own magazine as a semester project), public opinion and editorial analysis ( a revived class from 2001) and animal theorists (a healthy does of animal rights literature).

Most of the professors seem good at their trade. I know two them are going to be great, since I had them last semester.

An article I wrote about Nova the “crust punk beauty” (a headline made by the editors) made it into The Fine Print recently. I forget if I have mentioned how it got to being published. Oh well, it’s not that exciting a story anyways.

One of the people I paraphrased in the story claimed that they were misquoted. Ignoring the fact that I did not quote the person, I still took offense. Some people just don’t realize what they say. I think the article was light-hearted and appropriate.

I keep getting distracted. This post is taking ages to write.

I hear P.J. O’Rourke likes to write on a typewriter because he has the same problem as me.

Some more updates before I give up though.

My punk band, Iconicons, had a show last night. We went last after Rio De La Muerte (who got us the show), two acoustic girls who hitch hiked into Gainesville, some experimental techno duo, and a Beastie Boys tribute duo (I don’t think they meant to be a Beastie Boys tribute group). It as an eclectic mix, if I am allowed to use that word.

I think the techno and hiphop duos hailed from Michigan or something. Now that I think of it though,  Michigan is probably way off. I want to say that the state started with an “M.” One band was named Unicorn Basement and the other was MCVL.

My band played sometime after 1 am. We were tired by the time our turn rolled around. My arm felt dead on some faster songs. It was like rubber at one point and I could hardly strum. We did not really practice this week and probably tired ourselves out practicing right before the show. It was not a good combination with such a late show. To make matters worse, my string broke half way through our set, but I trudged on anyways. I don’t think anyone could hear my vocals. I had lost my voice earlier in the week and the mic was not very loud.

Despite all this, I still had fun and I am glad people stuck around to watch. I hope they had fun too. It’s punk rock. It can be a little dirty. It should be a little dirty.

As I left, I told the two girls who played “nice hitch hiking”. My girlfriend asked if I meant that they had done a nice job of hitch hiking or if I was wishing them good luck in future hitch hiking. I meant the later by the way, and while this seems insignificant, I just thought it was funny and awkward.

All my extended family is starting to friend me on Facebook. It is kind of unsettling, but I have nothing to hide. I don’t want to be a senator or anything, so I don’t mind semi-self-incriminating photographs and comments.

I have quite an extensive online trail littering the inter-webbed highway. I imagine my trail like trash falling out of a pickup as I steer through life. Maybe boxes of old produce instead of just trash. Oranges or something.

I should look up what I have to look forward to tomorrow. Despite some fun classes, I have a feeling that there is going to be a lot of work.


~ by shawp on January 13, 2009.

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