You Know It

Shes got my back.

She's got my back.

Had the worse show ever with Making Eyes the other week at Orange and Brew.

It started before the show. Got in a spat with the landlord over being able to play music in the house. I think he has something against us. We are an acoustic band and never play past 9 pm. He said that we could not play music inside anymore, but that our roommates could continue smoking inside because “smoking doesn’t make noise.”

I was all in a huff and forgot much of the equipment, including my own damn guitar. Eventually got the guitar, but had no capo or means to amplify the guitar. My string broke mid-song and I had no backup. The set was cut short after attempting a few songs on the maimed instrument. It is strange to play a guitar with a missing string. It is like using a prosthetic arm to type. My finger kept looking for something and pressing down on the wrong string.

I found a new place to live though. A place with a garage to play in.

Before the Orange and Brew show was a show with Iconicons at Wayward Council. It was mediocre.

My girlfriend has a rabbit now. It’s name is Kill Kill Murder Kill. It is ferocious I swear. I give it walks with a miniature harness.

My classes are going quite slowly. I need to start speaking out in some of them to get noticed and get good grades.

I have been sick all week. Yesterday was the first day that I felt better since last Wednesday.

I am going to New York for spring break. I found out that I fly fee again through my mother’s airline benefits.

I think that is most of the news for now.


~ by shawp on January 28, 2009.

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  1. Ha! Ha!

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