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A writer for the Huffington Post owns this dog.

A writer for the Huffington Post owns this dog.

The following is very emo. I deserve any of the anonymous rude comments that these kind of posts tend to attract:

So, I don’t know if I’m falling out of love and projecting those feeling on her or whether she really is starting to hate me. I would like to believe it is mutual, for conscience’s sake. Beneath every sentence and action is constant tension waiting to surface. It’s aggravating. We are aggravating.

Continuing with the sef-centeredness, but on a much happier note: tonight’s show.

I don’t think my band did amazing, but we were surrounded by so many epic musicians.

Kathy Sohar was first and despite it being extremely early, the turnout was great. I liked her song called “The Devil Gives Good Head.” It was clever and catchy.

Lars Din played next, backed by a old trumpet guy who would go into spurts of maniacal laughter, and a curly hared fellow who played hand drums.

I did not realize until the show that I had seen Lars before at Tim and Terry’s with Dirty Fist.

Tonight he played all depressing songs. He said that ‘s how he has been feeling as of late. I thought the performance was great. Lance is a charming guy with his early graying hair, sad eyes and obscure lyrics.

Next was Waylon Thorton and the Heavy Hands. The married duo erupted with energetic, hard-hitting tunes. Meg hits her drums with such an unexpected ferocious attitude . It goes perfectly with Waylon’s wail and crunching guitar.

I had Facebook messaged Waylon the other night about how much I liked his past projects and how I looked forward to playing with him. He’s a really nice guy. He even jokingly dedicated a song to me during the show. It’s always great when the people behind your favorite songs happen to be cool, like Sean and Ben in Andrew Jackson Jihad. Waylon and Meg also played the Cara Del Gato favorite, “Fruit Bat.” As I creature I wish to reincarnate into, the song is close to my heart.

Anyways, I got to talk to Waylon for a bit and that made my night. My band member got his number and there is now vague plans to go to Meg and Waylon’s farm outside of town and ride their pony and maybe record some music. They also have a tepee, I hear.

After them it was time for Making Eyes. I joked that we were sandwiched between such great bands and were unworthy. We were like rotten lunch-meat between gourmet slices of bread, or something to that nature.

A few things that went wrong:

During sound check it was discovered that my pickup was broken. Jen from 1982 lent me her acoustic guitar. I ended up breaking a string after a few songs. Waylon then handed me another guitar, a beautiful hollow body. My hands were not liking the switch-ups, but I got through fairly unscathed. Not that I didn’t mess up everything, but I rolled with the punches. Mostly, I was upset that my voice was not working, a result of just getting over a cold. I resorted to barking like a dog, although a friend says that this is not what I sounded like. I had trouble hearing myself. My girlfriend was even worse off though as far as scratchy voices go. She caught my cold and was still sick.

In the end, I had a blast — no matter how much I complain in these posts. I love playing my songs and hope I can do this for the rest of my damn life.

Gainesville Liberation Orchestra was next. I love the way in which the three singers meld together. They each have such distinctive voices. Jen is the female punk voice in the band a la Discount. Sterlo has more of the pop punk voice reminiscent of Blink-182. Jon owns the raspy punk voice that reminds me of Hot Water Music. Combined with the fiddle and the hilariously misplaced, badly timed elderly tambourine player, they are a hell of a band.

Last was Three Legged Dawg. Honestly, I heard their MySpace and was not too impressed. I obviously should have given them a harder listen.

My singer wanted to leave before they started, but I convinced her to stay for a few songs out of politeness. We ended up staying for the whole set. Their take on alt-country is fun and refreshing. Krissy Mae is one of the best drummers I have seen in Gainesville. She is charismatic and musically, knows just what fills to put in and what beats to hammer out. Her voice adds so much to the band. I think what is fundamentally wrong with the tracks on their MySpace is that the recordings put the guitar in the forefront, when it should obviously be her drumming. Their self proclaimed genres of country, garage and crunk on the MySpace page says it best.

I bought a pear baked good at the show for $2. It was delicious. By the way, the show was a baked good sale benefit for a local radio station, WGOT 94.7. A station I personally enjoy on the weekends for their crazy variety and true alternative tastes. They are run through the Civic Media Center.

That was my night and now it is late, so I better go. I wonder where my girlfriend is at this hour?


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