I move tomorrow

I constantly go back to old posts and edit for grammar and spelling (never content) even though I know no one will go back and read the changes and think more of me.

Lately I have been missing the hay days of Live Journal. The site has been replaced by a plethora of other mediums, including Facebook, but in the end I feel like Live Journal had the most substance. Of course it depended on the person.

It’s not all bad. My favorite part of Facebook is the network of photographs that people tag and comment on. It is an amazing feature. I love scrolling through the photos and seeing how everyone knows each other and witnessing how people have changed. Some of the pictures are stunning. Even the most amateur  photographer can capture a gem every once-in-awhile by pure chance. The same reasons apply to why I love Flickr.

My social life is entirely dependent on the Facebook events application. I am sad and happy to admit this. From free films to local parties to shows,  Facebook has truly revolutionized the way we interact.

I realize that all these comments are a little outdated, but I am in a unoriginal contemplative mood.

Mostly I am sad because I feel like text-based, longer forms of blogs like this one are dying. This is no Tumblr or Twitter. I enjoy those, but they are like the ADHD version of blogs.

I have a weird compulsion for this. It comes out in the music and blogs I write.

On to other things:

As far as my relationship goes, things have smoothed over a little. I will give it some time and see.

It is an almost morbid thought, but I constantly wonder if my ex would take me back. You know you are officially cut off when you cease to even be Facebook friends. That makes two ex-girlfriends. Not that I’m counting. But I am.

I think this post is a result of reading too many damn “25 things about me” lists on Facebook.

Amazing, Levon Helm is playing on Conan. The Band is one of my favorite bands of all time. My girlfriend recently bought me some of their vinyls in excellent condition during her stay in New York. Helm’s singing and drumming are such an influence on me.

Speaking of music I love, both Madeline and Ghost Mice will be playing later this week.

I love being into folk punk. Albums and shows are always cheap. Oh, and the music is grand, visceral, real.


~ by shawp on February 11, 2009.

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