Travel Back With Me

I stole this from a blog by a woman named TseYui, but I am not sure where she stole it from.

I stole this from a blog by a woman named TseYui, but I am not sure where she stole it from.

I have a lot to read tonight, but need to get these things out before they fade from memory. I can already feel them flitting out of my mind through my ear canals.

I’ll start with today and work backwards:


I woke up early to meet my group for magazine management class. We are creating a childrens magazine prototype with a focus on education and nurturing bonds in family.

Next was Editorial and Op-Ed class with a guest speaker. He has a large nose, deep voice and receding hair line. He is extremely intelligent and has been successful in journalism as a publisher and editorial writer.

I remember him interning in my editing class. He taught some classes on basic math for the stereotypically numerically challenged journalism students.

I then went to Wayward Council and scrounged up enough change for some CDs. I brought in a Painted Black CD that was in randomly in a Paul Beribeau CD case that I had purchased last time. I didn’t realize Paul Beribeau was sitting right there when I announced this fact. He joked about it being a bonus disc. It was weird. It’s really cool that he is in Gainesville now. I also dug in the free bin for some various patches, a Stress Face sticker, an outdated Vote 2004 poster and a flathead screwdriver with a wooden handle. A good hunt.

Now that I think about it, my bike is still in front of Wayward.

I’ve been reading a lot for a busy day tomorrow. “The Algerine Captive” and “When Species Meet” if you must know.


A rough day after I broke up with my girlfriend for the second time. My bandmates kidnapped me and we went and ate at Saigon Legend. We roamed around town for the day. I went home and they went to a show.


I can’t quite recall the day, but it was mostly spent hanging out and watching my bassist and his roommate play Street Fighter 4 and intermittently playing our guitars. Making Eyes then had a fun, intimate show at The Kickstand with For He Who Hung The Moon, Little High Little Low, The LefT its and The Koda Kit.

Afterward, we got word of a punk folk show at Hell’s Kitchen (a diner open really late and praised highly in a Fest brochure). We went and I met a member of Mythological Horses. He handed us a flyer without knowing that we were there to see him. He had a lot of stories to tell. He’d been on tour for well over six years and told me about the random connections he’d made on the way. The flier that he had handed me earlier was drawn up by the Ren and Stimpy artist. I looked at it closer and was surprised by its signature style, bad-ass unicorns with eyes straight from my childhood cartoon. He also had been touring with Kimya Dawson and roomed with a Voodoo Glow Skulls saxophonist. He was extremely nice and gave my tambourine player a cardigan since she was cold.

He then played a small show in the food storage room of the restaurant. The words were clever and catchy. He totally blew me away. It was anti-folk at its roots. His girlfriend, under the name Saucy Yoda (a silly hip-hop moniker), performed next, but I didn’t stick as it was late and my tambourine player wanted to go home.I meant to see her at the Kickstand show Sunday night, but we all know I didn’t make it out to that.

That night my tambourine player and I had a falling out. She ended up going to a friends’ and I layered up and biked three or four miles home.

Monday through Friday (16th- 20th)

Lots of school. Somewhere in there student government election campaigning started and I was bombarded with pamphlets and people following me as I walked. On Thursday me and my tambourine player celebrated a “hand-iversary” (the months we’d been together could be counted on a hand) with fancy cheeses (we picked terrible ones), wine and a dirty movie. Afterward we spent some time at the Atlantic to hang out with friends.

Friday’s major event was a free show at the Reitz Union. Band Marino and Wait Wait played. A band that supposedly sounds like they ripped off The Beach Boys played, but we left before their set. It was a fine time and I saw many people that I know. I ate free popcorn and chugged free soda.

Valentines Day Weekend and before

Valentines day was the first falling out between me and my tambourine player. The day before Valentines day was a Friday the 13th house show with Making Eyes, Dirty Fist, Toothache, some other girl, Little High Little Low and Dante Campanero. Thursday was a sweet show for the V-Day Fest (V standing for V.A.G.I.N.A., which in turn stands for Violence Against Girls is not Alright) with Madeline, Ghost Mice, Chelsea Carnes and Cassette.

Somewhere around the 10th or 11th

I rented a Uhaul and managed to incur only about $25 moving across town to my old house. The stuff is still stacked everywhere and is quite chaotic.


~ by shawp on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Travel Back With Me”

  1. hey. i was surprised when my name pop out in your blog. it’s from a forwarded email, and “steal” is kinda strong word, don’t you think? and btw, calling me “woman” makes me sound like a 30 year old female. 🙂

    • This reply is very late. Sorry.

      And I do agree that steal is a strong word. It’s all I had at the time.

      Also, I am always iffy on whether to call someone a woman or girl. There’s this verge. Especially, when the age is not known.

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