The cliches exit for a reason

I have not updated in awhile. An obvious enough statement.

Been to Tallahassee to visit my girlfriend quite a few times in the past couple months. For the most part, if I am not there for the weekend, she is here in Gainesville.

One of those trips involved going to Waylon and Meg Thorton’s little farm. We watched a bad monster-themed movie, talked trash and watched Meg be domestic. Oh, and of course pet ponies.

There was a really terrible show back there at some point too. I had not slept for 36 hours or so when we played (the result of an all-nighter creating a childrens magazine proto-type). There were other reasons to be cranky: It was the reunion of my band in the vein of an unabashed, political, money grubbing Sex Pistols … like the five or six times they reunited after 1996. Oh, except we don’t make money when we reunite — Just embarrass ourselves. We never started a revolution in the late ’70s either.

My bassist and I could not get in tune because my singer had stepped on the blasted thing earlier during practice. It was a brand new tuner. One of those fancy ones I splurged on that clip to the head of your guitar. That would not have been the end of the world, but I unfortunately cannot handle stress when on stage.

School is pretty much over. I have one final exam next Friday. It was a very stressful semester, but I survived.

As I usually do.

I have a crazy scheme to live in Tallahassee for the summer with my lovely girlfriend. We can cook wonderful things and grow tired of each other.

I need to find a job, though. Stat! I am going to Tallahassee soon to look for one.

It is quite urgent. I am digging myself in debt so very fast. I may be homeless soon, but that part is of my own volition. A guy is interested in my room and I am interested in Tallahassee and not my room. It works out and saves on rent.

I just got my computer back from the warranty shop. This is my second keyboard replacement since having it. I think they get squeakier every time they are changed out.

I am going to Ireland hopefully in the fall. I can brush up on my nonsense Lucky Charms accent. I am actually going to take a Spanish class there.

I think everything will be okay.


~ by shawp on April 24, 2009.

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