up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Fresh start

they look like packed hotdogs having a bout

They look so clobbering and meaty. It's like pieces of ham having a bout.

I wiped my computer clean the other day. Reinstalled Bill Gate’s graphical interface.

I was sick of it being bogged down by ghouls and confusion. Every time I rebooted, it was that damn, incessant “initializing narrator” female, crackpot robotic voice. No matter what I did, short of nuclear warfare on my laptop, she would not go away.

I am glad to have my laptop back. Especially during this move to Tallahassee. The keyboard is not altogether right still, but at least it is functioning.

It is always nice to have a fresh start. I am enjoying the semester’s end and accumulating/downloading all my favorite, reliable programs: Winamp, Firefox, uTorrent, Audacity, Open Office …

Today was lazy. A lazy Sunday, if you will. Many of the places that I could have been productive in were closed today or closed too early for me to bother.

Last night was a Lisa Frank party. You know, Lisa Frank, that commercial artist for girls elementary school supplies; folders and stickers adorned with gushing, fantasy creatures in hideous shades of purple, pink, orange and green that would make a sane person commit suicide.

It was fun. For the most part.

There was a lot of aggressive pheromones in the air. Men flexing and baring their teeth. Very strange for a party themed around such an innocent sticker and school supply line.

Needless to say, there was a fight after I left. I guessed the two culprits right away: The one that looked like Hagrid (yes, a Harry Potter reference) and the one that looked like a trashed fourth member of the Blue Man Group. The two drunkenly duking it out must have looked like a bad Farrelly brothers comedy. I am not 100 percent sure why that is my visual.

Maybe a better visual is their opposite statures, like a modern rendition of “Of Mice and Men.”

I have been listening to/watching my bassist’s roommate play “Street Fighter IV” for far too long. It is driving me slightly insane. Before that I watched “The Venture Brothers” for far to long.

Now I am scrolling on the internet for far too long.

Time to stop.


~ by shawp on April 27, 2009.

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