Shaw P. is a journalism major. As a personal blog, this may or may not be very journalistic. At least, it is not under the constraints of having to be so. The posts may, on occasion, resemble journalism stories. Maybe have a hint of substance, reporting, or news worthiness. God willing if anything rubbed off from two years (and counting) of “higher” education.

He is happily engaged to himself, according to Facebook.

He does not often talk in the third person but just finished reading Norman Mailer. Mailer is a pompous but intelligent man. Shaw can try to be at least one of these things.

Another blog to look at is http://wordpress.shawandmusic.com.

As the title and url imply, it is about music and is written by Shaw.

*A useful update: he does not write in that blog anymore.

He is also in a band, which can be found here:


*Another useful update: this band is now defunct.

He was previously the drummer in the (now also defunct) band, which can be found here (that is him playing drums on the recordings):


He has a craptastic punk side project that plays sporadically, which can be found here:


Shaw has been published in “The Alligator,”  “The Fine Print” as well as “Collegeotr.com.”

He temporarily resides in Dublin, Ireland.


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