Movies I Have Seen Recently

For the ultimate voyeurs: the five people out there who read my blog.

The Hills Have Eyes” — I was in the mood to watch a stupid horror flick involving zombies or mutants. “The Hills Have Eyes” was recommended by one of my roommates. Afterward, he said that “The Devil’s Rejects” was better.

28 Weeks Later” — I asked about this movie while my bandmate and I were purusing through the local, hip rental place, Video Rodeo. I knew my brother liked it, but he likes all zombie movies. She said it was better or at least equal to the first movie in the series. Intrigued, we went home and watched it.

Wall-E” — Bored at home and with my father feeling slightly guilty, we went to the beachside $5 theater to watch this movie. I found the previews highly entertaining. They were all aimed toward children and families. I had forgotten that this demographic existed in the movie marketing business.


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