“28 Weeks Later”

I have seen few introductions as gripping and hopeless, grimy and horrifying. It had me from the start — I was sucked in.

The intense buzzing of the music. The anxiety running up. The hopelessness. The dire, horrifying visuals. The “rage.” The zombies.

Then it got ridiculous.

I will not spoil too much because people seem to hate when I do that.

In the end, I found inconsistencies that ultimately ruined the rest of the plot for me. The U.S. occupying forces made decisions that seemed stupid and highly unrealistic. The main “zombie” had too much of a personal vendetta for a creature that is supposed to be mindless and angry.

I would give the movie a B minus.

The opening sequence alone is an A plus. In fact, I would highly recommend this movie based soley on the opening.

If only the rest of the movie would have followed that energy.

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