Annie Hall

I had never seen a Woody Allen movie and really wanted to experience the hype. I felt that this was a good film to start with, Annie Hall having such a grand reputation with so many famously quoted lines. I saw the movie while perusing the library and could not resist.

It was everything I expected and more. Plenty of awkward Woody Allen gestures. Many scenes that break the third wall with Allen talking to the audience. Some existential humor was even thrown in.

Allen plays an over-analyzing, loveable, nacissit asshole. Annie Hall plays the free-spirited  counter point. The comedic look at relationships is fresh, even so many years later. In an age where 27 Dresses still breaks banks, the world needs more romantic comedies like this. I am always so relieved to find films that push the envelope and push some originality into the genre.

Cliche devices were used throughout the film, but were either done extremely well or turned around completely on their heads. A significant scene is where both Allen and Hall are with their respective shrinks on a split screen and the differing views are shown point blank.

The many one-liners are worth it alone.

This movie gets an A plus. I finally see what all the raving is about.


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