Billy Elliot

I watched this movie in installments as my Polish roommate viewed it countless times in one week. He would turn on certain parts just for the soundtrack while eating dinner.

I had preconceived notions of the film from my girlfriend who tends to like corny movies. Her father also liked it. I thought this was odd, considering how much he disregards or makes fun of gays.

Although, the main character is not gay in the film, the profession of ballet dancer is certainly joking referred to as one for “puffs.”

It was about corny a I expected. A boy overcomes societal expectations to become a ballet dancer instead of following his father and brother as coal miners. And what is this? His mother is dead too?

What I didn’t expect was the actor who played Billy’s father to be so heartrendingly good. He did a tremendous job of balancing the toughened father with a soft heart who eventually breaks down and does whatever it takes to fulfill his son’s dreams.

The politics of the coal miners strike in the 80s really gives this film a good base. Billy’s dance teacher also does a tremendous job of displaying tough love.

All together, I give this film an A, for  feel-good fuzziness and good acting. Oh, and a killer soundtrack with plenty of T-Rex.


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