Léon: The Professional

I was sick of watching “The Office” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and so I decided to find a movie to keep me company on the long nights I have been staying up. I came across this one while reading Reddit and seeing that it got mostly favorable reviews, I decided to go for it.

It’s at some points hokey, but at others absolutely engaging. The relationship between a reclusive hit man and an outspoken little girl gets really strange at points and that is where the film really shines.

The villain comes off as very psychotic as well as comedic. He is the same guy who plays the quirky villain in “The Fifth Element.” He is very good at what he does.

The plot is thread bare, but the characters are what hold the story together. The rest is just cheesy ’90s action sequences in watered-down Quentin Tarantino style.

Watch the full version/foreign version/director’s cut of the film — I forget what they chose to call it. I read which scenes were missing from the original film and was astonished at what didn’t make it. I cannot comprehend the film without them as they are strongest scenes, which help strengthen the relationship between the main characters and turn the film into more than just a bad action flick.

In conclusion, I’d give this film an A minus (assuming the extra scenes of course). Go watch it if you haven’t by now.


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