I have a post explaining why this movie was viewed and it of course involves a girl who finds it hilarious.

A synopsis: super Christian abstinence advocate, Dawn, finds out that she has vagina dentata (teeth in her vagina for those of you without context clue skills or no basis in Latin). Hillarity insues?

It was not very funny. I’m also not a fan of confronting so many images of severed penises (It is just a thing I have).

I actually felt like the movie makers were being too serious considering such the ridiculous premise. The beginning of the film was unnecessarily slow and dull. They should have made it more a parody of horror films. Instead, well, I don’t know what exactly they were going for.

I have heard this film described as “campy,” but I believe the word gives too much credit. Being campy involves deliberate and well crafted scenes that make use of artificiality, vulgarity and banality to get a humorous product.

Psycho-analyzing the movie comes up with some strange conclusions, especially when considering womens’ reactions to the film while watching it. It all leads back to the big joke that is Lorena Bobbit.

Although I do not agree with this person fully, I think he/she has some good points: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780622/board/nest/126970221. There are some good feminist perspectives too. Of course, it’s the internet, so there’s a lot of dumb comments you would have to sift through.

The only side of the argument that I don’t agree with is that this was a good movie.

I give it a C minus — and that is a forgiving grade considering that I am in a good mood.


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