The Hills Have Eyes

This movie did not know whether to be cheesy or serious. I wish it would have just picked a side. It created a dynamic where the scary things ended up being funny and the funny things just plain stupid. I did like one particular scene where an American flag impales a mutant’s head.

Some of the genetically mutated freaks were quite frightening; the pasty, large headed freak in the wheel chair for examples — also, the off kilter little girl. Others, were pretty cheesy and just looked like Oklahomian regulars to me. One looked a lot like that tow trucker guy from “Harold and Kumar.”

The main characters were extremely unlikable and I ended up rooting for them to be slaughtered. A particular scene I hated involved some over-embellished, cartoon MacGyver move to explode a mutant.

It had promise, but this movie gets a C minus.


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