Chester Beatty Library

I wandered in the library while trying to stay awake all day. It was kind of cold outside and I had just got through circling Dublin castle and visiting the plain park where the river used to run. Idid not know what to expect.

Much of the building is taken up by a display on various religions and their texts.

I learned about religions I had never heard of before and was corrected on many misconceptions I had about others. The place houses “illuminated manuscripts and miniature paintings from the great religions and systems of belief.” This includes Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Sikhism and Jainism.

Another room focused on Manichaeism. It is a religion that died out, but could have been bigger than Christianity. Mani was supposedly a prophet along the lines of Mohammed or Jesus. The texts were in dismal shape, but what was gleaned from them was interesting. The religion cared about the suffering of animals, which I thought was neat. They also liked stars a lot. Other religions really didn’t like Manichaeism, including Catholicism.

The Chinese snuff box room was a bore. Snuff box upon snuff box. After I’ve seen a dozen of them, I’ve seen a thousand of them.

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