“Pineapple Express”

This is another movie I saw at the Reitz Union for free.

It was great to be surrounded by obnoxious students laughing at every violent gesture. I think it made things that were not that funny, hilarious. I am sure, 75% of the theater was probably stoned. I was content being sober with two fistfuls of candy.

Both of the leads are outrageous. And although it was not as joke-filled as I’d hoped, the over-arching story is funny. All of the characters are extremely likable.

James Franco took the cake with his character– proving that he is a great actor, easily going from Spiderman villain to stoner dealer. Danny R. McBride is a close second with his portrayal of another dealer turned friend. Seth Rogan as a process server was only remotely funny, but he got better throughout the movie.

“Pineapple Express” is an homage to ’30s slapstick, but with more violence. It is a stoner, buddy comedy and more.

It isn’t the best out there, but it has charm and is worth seeing at least once.

I give it a B.


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