“The Dark Knight”

I saw this movie at the Reitz Union for free. It made the experience more enjoyable for me, as many students were really into it.

Overall, I was impressed but not drooling over myself. It was a billion times better than “Batman Begins.” In fact, The only merit I see in the first movie was so that the sequel could be made.

There were some plot holes, but overall, the screenplay was imaginative and creative. I liked how long the movie was, even though it will probably discourage me from watching the film again. Many people mistake lengthy with epic.

Batman is no longer the funny, portly man in a blue to purple tinted suit who kicks villains butts with sound effect flashcards.

He is a serious creature … although his husky voice was a little corny. It’s like an elderly phone sex worker who smokes too much. I also did not like one specific scene where he flips the motorcycle up a wall, spins and turns around.

Also, the transformation of Two Face was not believable at all.

But I’m being picky. I didn’t tear apart the Bourne movies this much (mostly because they’re just corny action movies that don’t need to be looked into and aren’t even worth reviewing).

“Dark Knight” gets a B minus from me.

And yes, Heath Ledger was great, blah, blah, blah and now he’s dead, etc. etc.

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